Invest in the Political Power of Texas Agricultural Aviation

AG AIR PAC is the political action committee for the Texas Agricultural Aviation Association. It is the political muscle for TAAA in Texas state government. The money you invest in AG AIR PAC helps fund campaigns for candidates in Texas Legislature and statewide offices who are supportive of our industry. The PAC may also support those who hold key positions on committees that influence legislation in these areas.

AG AIR PAC informs and educates investors about the political and legislative processes and issues. AG AIR PAC is our tool to help shape and protect not only our businesses, but also those of our customers.


  • Growing government involvement in our industry and business makes it critical to elect agricultural and aviation friendly legislators.
  • Campaigns are expensive. Collectively contributing to a campaign allows TAAA members to be in a better position, one that far exceeds that of an individual member.
  • TAAA is competing with other organized entities to enact legislation each session. TAAA needs legislative decision makers who understand our industry and business.

A strong grassroots program goes hand in hand with a vital political action committee. Policymakers need to hear from us about the effects legislation and regulatory changes have on our industry and business.


To Donate to the AG AIR PAC CLICK HERE

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